potassium cyanide

potassium cyanide
potassium cyanide
an extremely poisonous, white, crystalline compound, KCN, used in metallurgy for extracting gold, in electroplating, as an insecticide, etc.

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  • potassium cyanide — n a very poisonous crystalline salt KCN * * * an extremely poisonous compound, KCN; formerly used medicinally and now used for various industrial processes and to fumigate fruit trees. See also cyanide poisoning, under poisoning …   Medical dictionary

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  • potassium cyanide — /pəˌtæsiəm ˈsaɪənaɪd/ (say puh.taseeuhm suyuhnuyd) noun a white, crystalline, poisonous compound, KCN, used in metallurgy and photography …  

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